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Miscellaneous Notes

By Bhagat Singh taken in jail

{These notes were on fool scape papers and were taken prior to the issue of 404 pages Note Book}

Love           “The most interesting and pardonable of human weaknesses - Love”

                                                    Charles Dickens -Pickwick

Love:- “ Burney and Vee loved each other , just as passionately as ever , at least they too themselves that it was as ever, but at the while the subtle chemistry of change was at work. Men and women are not bodies only {,and cannot be satisfied with delights of bodies only} .Men and women are are minds , and have to have harmony of ideas. can they be bored with each other’s ideas and still be just as much in love ? Men and women are characters lead to action - and what if they lead to different actions ? What if the man wants to read a book and the woman wants to go to a dance?”

                                                                    Upton Sinclair -Oil page 398

Love and Sex ;- “But how lamentable our young people are ridden by the inherited traditions that there is something shameful and immoral is the sexual act itself, even when prompted by sincere love and emotional escalation.”                      P61

Sex is simply a biological fact. It is as much so as the appetite for food .Like the appetite for food it is neither legal nor illegal , moral or immoral. to bring sex under the jurisdiction of law and authority is as impossible as to bring food ,hunger under such jurisdiction.        Page 127

I believe in marriage and that I demand of it that it shall men the love of one man for one woman in a harmony and companionship .......... When it does not mean that or something like , I am unable to see that it is marriage , regardless of whether there has been a marriage ceremony or not . The love one man is marriage ,nothing else is. The marriage ceremony is simply The Public Aproval of a man and woman that such a relationship exists and it is further a formal recognition on the part of society that such a relationship exists.                               P 137

                                                                Judge Barr Lindsey “Revolt of the Modern youth”

--------------------------------------- 0 -------------------------------------------
Benjimin Barr. Lindsey and Wainwright Evans
Revolt of Modern Youth
New York, NY: Boni & Liveright, 1927 Twelfth edition. Inscribed To Robert Z. Leonard with the best wishes of Ben B. Lindsey Oct 1927".

Love:- “ The Bird of Life is singing on the bough His two eternal notes of ‘ I and Thou ‘ O heasken well for soon the Song sings through And would we hear it, we must hear it now “

 Page 2 of notes

 Religion “ It will be found that empires based upon military force alone ,however cruel that may be , are not permanent , and there fore not so dangerous to progress, it is only when resistance is paralysed by the agency of superstitions ,that the race can be subjected to system of exploitation for hundered and even thousands of years. “

                                                     Profit of Religion --By Upton Sinclair Page 31

Salavery :- William LLyod Garrison , poineer of ‘Anti Salavery ‘ movement in USA started a paper “The Liberator” in 1831. In the first issue he wrote :- “I will be as harsh as truth , and as uncompromising as justice. On this subject I do not wish to think , or speak or write with moderation. No! No! tell a man whose house is on fire to give a moderate alarm; tell him to moderatly rescue his wife from the hands of a vanisher , tell the mother to gradually extricate her babe from fire into which it has fallen -but urge me not to use moderation in a cause like the present. i am earnest - i will not equivocate - I will not excuse - i will not retract a single inch - and I will be heard. The apathy of people is enough to make every statue leap from its pedestral and hasten the resurrection of the dead.’

                                                                        [ Boston P 156]

Religion:- “ Neitzche , as I gather ,regarded the slave morality as having been invented and imposed on the world by slaves making a virtue of necessity and a religion of their servitude. Mr.Stewart - Glennie regards the Slave mentality as an invention of the superior white race to subjugated. as this procession is in operation ,and can be studied at first hand not only in our church schools and in the struggle between our modern proprietry class and the Proletariate, but in the part played by christian missionaries in reconcilling the black races of Africa to their subjugation by European Capitalism , we can judge for ourselves whether the initiative came from above or below.”

                                                                     “Major Barbara Preface p 153 Bernard Shaw “

 Existing Social Oder :- “ This world , sir , is very clearly a place of torment and penance , a place where fool florishes and the good and wise are hated and persecuted , a place where man and women torture each other in the name of love; when children are scourages and enslaved in the name of parental duty and ..................................................

Page 3 of notes

 healing and the weak in mind are put to the horrible torture of imprisonment hours but for years in the name of justice.”

                                                    “John Bull’s Other Island page 8 B. Shaw “

 Poverty :- .................. that the greatest of evils and the worst of crime is poverty that our first duty - a duty to which every other consideration should be sacrificed -is not to be poor. ‘Poor but honest’ , ‘the respectable poor’ and such phrases are as intolerable and as immoral as drunken but amiable. “Fraudulent but a good after dinner speaker “ ‘splendidly criminal” or the like .Security the chief pretence of civilization cannot exist where the worst dangers ,the danger of poverty ,hangs over every body’s head, and when alleged protection of our persons from violence is only an accidental result of our persons of existence of a police force , whose real business is to see the poor man ,to [ force the poor man to] see his children starve whilst idle people overfeed pet dogs with money that might feed and clothe them.”

                                                        Major Barbara P 154 Barnard Shaw

Imprisonment :- We seize a man and deliberately do him a malicious injury : Say , imprison him for years ............. A man breaking into my home and stealing my wife’s diamonds , I am expected as a matter of course to steel ten years of his life ,torturing him all the time . .... But the thought less wickedness with which we scatter sentences of imprisonment , torture in the solitary cell and on the plank bed and flogging or moral invalids and energetic rebels , is as nothing compared to stupid levity with which we tolerate Poverty .                                                             P155

 The crying need of the nation is not for better morals ,“cheap bread” temperance liberty ,culture , redemption of fallen sisters and erring brothers nor the grace ,love and fellowship of trinity, but simply for enough money. And the evil to be attacked is not Sin, suffering ,greed , priest craft ,kingcraft, demagogy, monopoly ,ignorance , drink, war pestilence , nor any other of the scape goats which reformers sacrifice but simply poverty .                                                          P 161

But the successful scoundrel is dealt with very difficulty and very Christianity. He is not only forgiven ,he is idolized ,respected made much of all but worshipped.                         P173

The seven deadly Sins ? Yes the deadly seven ! Food , clothing , firing , rent ,taxes , respectability, and children . Nothing can lift these seven milestones from Man’s neck but .........Poverty . A crime ? Yes.............

Page 4 of notes

 crime are virtues besides it all the other dishonors are chivalry itself by comparison . Poverty blights whole cities ; spreads horrible pestilence; strikes dead the very souls of all who come within sight, sound or smell of it . What you call crime is nothing ........ There are not 50 genuine professional criminals in London. But there are millions of poor people , abject people , dirty people ,ill fed ,il clothed people.                                        P 281

 “ I had rather be a thief than a pauper. I had rather be murderer than a slave .I don’t want to be either; but if you force ,the alternative on me , then ,by heaven i’ll choose the braver and more moral one .I hate poverty and slavery worse than any other crime what so ever.

                                                            Major Barbara - Bernard Shaw

.......................................: o :--......................................

Anthony sought happiness in "love’ , Brutes in "glory’ Carver in "Dominion" .the first found ‘disgrace ‘ the second ‘disgust’ , the last ‘ingratitude’ and each destruction.

The things in world weighed in the balance all found wanting, self realization alone will bring ‘peace and happiness’.

_______________________ : o :_______________________

Marriage :-

" Marriage is popular because it combines the maximum of temptation with maximum of opportunity ."

" the essential function of marriage is the continuance of the race , as stated in the Book of Common Prayers."

" The accidental function of marriage is the gratification of amoristic sentiment of mankind ."

"The artificial sterilization of marriage make it possible for marriage to fulfill the accidental function while negating its essential one ."

" The most revolutionary invention of XIX century was the artificial sterlization of marriage."

                                                        Superman - Bernard Shaw P 231

___________________ : 0 ;_________________________

Crime and Punishment :-

" Imprisionment is as irrevocable as death"

" Criminals do not die by the hand of law .They die by the hand of other men."

"Associations on the scaffold is the worst form of assassination , because ----- invested by the approval of society."

PAGE 5 of notes

" It is the deed that eaches , not the name we give it ‘Murder’ and ‘Capital punishment ‘ are not opposite that cancel one another , but similiars that bread their kind."

"Crime is only the retail department of what , in wholesale , we call "Penal law".

"When a man wants to murder a tiger , he call it sport when a tiger wants to murder a man call it ferocity . the distinction between Crime and justice is no greater.

" It is not necessary to replace a guillotined criminal; it is necessary to replace guillotine and social system."

                                                                            Superman -- page 232 "Bernard Shaw"

                                            ------------------------: 0 : -----------------------------------------

"In a stupid nation the man of genius becomes a god , every body worships him; and no body does his will."

"Property , said Proudhan , is theft , This is only perfect truism that has been uttered on the subject ." Pages 233

"No doubt it is easy to demonstrate that property will destroy society ,unless society destroy it. No doubt ,also, property has hither to hold its own and destroyed all the Empires. "

                                                                            "Man & Superman 184 page"

" Take care to get what you like or you will be forced to like what you get. "

Reason :- "The reasonable man adopts himself to the world , the unreasonable one persist in trying to adopt the world to himself. There fore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.’

"Jitendra nath Das" { signatures taken in pencil}

" Man & Superman "

----------------------------- : 0 :--------------------------------------------

" He needs no other reasons , whose thread of life is string

with the beads of love and thought."

---------------------------- : 0 :-------------------------------------------

" Do any hearts beat faster

Do any faces brighten

To hear your foot steps on the stair

To meet you ,great you ,anywhere ?

Are any happier today

Through words they have heard you say ?

Life were not worth the living

If no one were the better

For having not met you on the way

Any known the sunshine of your stay.! "

Some couplets in Urdu

Jfar Admi usko na janiey ga

Vo ho kesa bhee sahibe fahmo jada

Jise aish mein yade khuda na rahi ,

Jise taish mein khofe khuda na raha

Main garon se hargij nahin rota

Kinu ke mere sath jo kush kia

vo mere ashna ne kia

--------------; 0 ; --------------------

Ya dava nihin dil mein tere siva

Inhe Ijlas asha

kaide tanhai hui

--------------: 0 :--------------------

Ai Saiad Ajadi ho lakhon marne

Phir dam ke niche tarhfane ka tamasha aur hai

main Ne mana dahir ko hak ne kia paida wala

Main vo khalif hun meri kunse khuda paida hua

Imprisonment ;- " Imprisonment as it exists today ,is a worse crime than any of those commited by its victims; for no single criminal can be as powerful for evil, or as unrestained in its excercise , as an organised Nation."

"...... people who have ascertained the truth about prison have been driven to declare that the most urgent necessity of the situation is that every judge magistrate , and home secretary should serve a six month’s sentence in eoginto ; so that when he is dealing out and enforcing sentences he should at least know that (what) he is doing."

                                                                    Preface to English prisons Under Lovel Govt: Preface by Bernard Shaw

Note on the margin

atribution (1)

Deterence (2)

Reform (3)


Civilization and progress :-- " In the art of life man does nothing ; but in acts of death he out does nature herself, and produces by chemistry and machinery all the slaughter of plague , pestilence and famine. The peasant today eats and drinks what was eaten and drunk by peasants ten thousand years ago; and the home he lives in has not altered as much in a thousand centuries as the fashion of a lady’s bonnet in a score of weeks. But when he goes out to slay , he carries a marvel of mechanism that lets loose at the touch of fingers all the hidden molecules energies and leaves the javelin , the arrow ,the blowpipe of fathers far behind. "

                                                                                                      " Man & Superman B Shaw P106

-------------------------------- : 0 :--------------------------------

Occasion cannot make supers , young men. If you expect to wear spurs ,you must win them. If you wish to use them ,you must buckle them to your heels before you go into the fight. Any success you may achieve is not worth having unless you fight for it. What ever you win in life you must conquer by your own efforts , and then it is yours- a part of yourselves..... Let not poverty be obstacles in your way. poverty is unconquerable, as but nine times out of the ten , the best thing that can happen to a young man is to be thrown overboard ,to swim or sink for himself. "

                                                                                          P64 "from Log cabin to white house by W.H. Thayer.

--------------------------------- : 0 :------------------------------------

"Two is a company ,three is a crowd and more a confusion ! "


" Philosophy is the outcome of human weakness."

o.c c01


Page 7 of notes

"Vision and Actualities" :- "--- the hours we pass with happy prospects in view are more pleasing than those with fruition. In the first ease , we cook the dish to our own appetite , .. letter Nature cooks it for us. It is impossible to repeat the train of agree..... we called up for our entertainment ." [ Goldsmith’s ‘Vicar of Wakefield pp32]

"Such as are poor and will associate none but the rich , are hated by those avoid and despised by those they follow." [Idib pp41]

Conscience;- "The pain which conscience gives the man who has already done wrong is soon over .Conscience is a coward ; and those faults it has not strength enough to prevent it seldom has justice enough to accuse. ( Ibid pp43)

----------------- : 0 : -----------------

Sacrifice :--- " Sacrifice was adorable only when it was directly or remotely , but reasonably felt to be indispensable for success. Sacrifice that leads not to ultimate success is suicidal and had no place in the tactics of Maratha warfare"

                                                                            Hindu Pad Padshahi P25

"To fight with these Marathas is to battle with the wind ,is to stripe on water ( p258)

---- That remains the despair of our age which has to write history without making it , to sing of valorous deeds without . The daring abilities and opportunities that can actualize them in life."

                                                                        Hindu Pad Padshahi 256-66

-------- Although fetters of political slavery can at times be shaken off and smashed , yet the fetters of cultural superposition are often found far more difficult to knock off    {272-3}

" Go Freedom , whose smiles we shall never resign ,

Go tell the invaders , the Dances ,

‘Tis sweater to bleed for an ageat thy shrine

Then to sleep but a minute in chains ." {Thomas Moore}

                                                                                Hindu Pad Padshahi

-------------------- : 0 :----------------------

Page 8 of notes

Crimonology :-

1. Bernard shaw

He is a fabian socialist .in his opinion main causeof crime is 1 Social injustice and poverty . He is strictly against2 ‘imprisonment ‘ He thought it to be worst of the crimes being committed in the world. He favors no punishment in ordinary offence cases , but prefers3 lethal chamber or Death Sentence in case of incorigible criminals . A deadly enemy of 4 Jail Institution.

{Wide Man & Superman , John Bull’s other Island - major Barbara and Preface to English prisons under local Gov’t }

2. Ruggles Brise :-

He is chairman of Prision commission for England & Wales & President of International Prison Commission .He has written "The English Prision System."

Different Schools of Criminologists:-

1. Professor Lombroso (Italian) :-- "Positive" school is that crime or criminality is a morbid or pathological state akin to disease ,or in other words , an abnormal state , due to certain physical or mental defects , made manifest by certain stigma , the result either of inherited defects or reversion to atavistic type , or in short , that there is ‘a criminal type " i.e a race of predestined to criminal acts, against whom any system of punishment would be futile , as by nature such beings would not be amenable to the deterrent influence of penal law. this is a theory whose logical results would be either elimination of unfit or the transfator into the province of medicine of all the legal procedure.

2. Dr Goring :- " Science of statistics is essentially a science of method and as applied to criminal man it may be described as a system of method whereby comparison , based on a strict anthropometrical survey of the different sets of individuals , may be effective in providing legitimate , simple and intelligible description of the criminal and of crime , and of the fundamental inter- relationships of criminality."

Main causes :-- (1) Hereditary (2) mentally under-developed ( 3) Physically underdeveloped (4) Society - ( Social injustice as well circumstances)

(Page 9  of notes)

(5) Lack of proper Education

(6) Lack of means of substance.

Classes :- Habituals and Criminals

In England "Prison’ system came into existence after American Independence 1776 (George III) when criminals could not be sailed off to colonies. Howard (1726-1790) played a prominent part in regulating and reforming the jail system. Now there are various preventive acts. Borstal institutions are working as reformatory schools etc.

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